What Is World News?

World news is the term used in the news media for news pertaining to events outside of the borders of a single nation. This includes news about wars, foreign policy, international politics and diplomacy as well as news from the business, economics, science and technology fields. It also encompasses news about global climate change and globalization. The term may also refer to a specific type of newspaper or magazine that specializes in world news, such as the New York Times or the International Herald Tribune.

A journalist who focuses on world news can be called a correspondent. A correspondent is a full-time reporter for a newspaper, magazine or radio/television show who lives in a foreign city and covers stories from the region, country or continent he or she is assigned to cover. He or she is often a member of a press corps (originally referred to as the scout troop) and has a long-term contract with the media organization.

Reporters who do not have permanent contracts with a news organization are called stringers. They typically work for several organizations and are able to produce articles that are republished by numerous publications. A stringer usually works for a news agency that prepares hard and soft news articles that can be republished with little or no modification by other newspapers, magazines and radio/television shows. News agencies also prepare and sell bulk data to corporations, individuals and intelligence agencies.