What Is World News?

world news

World news is a term used by reporters to describe events that have impact on the global community. A journalist that specializes in this type of story is called a foreign correspondent, and it can be a very lucrative career for those with the right connections and a lot of hustle.

A reporter that covers world news may write hard or soft news stories that are published in newspapers and on websites around the globe. A foreign correspondent usually works from a main hub city, but sometimes travels to other cities or even countries to cover a specific event or story. A reporter can also be a freelancer, and that means they have the freedom to work with different publications.

A new image from the James Webb Space Telescope shows what the Sun might have looked like in its earliest days. The image is the first to reveal a potential structure for a solar corona.

The death of a young woman in Iranian morality police custody triggered months of protests, but a year later a subdued defiance endures. Five Americans who were jailed in Iran are finally returning home after a prisoner swap mediated by Qatar.

A luxury cruise ship has been rescued after running aground off the coast of Libya. The MV Ocean Explorer was carrying 206 people, including children, when it ran aground on 26 September. The Red Crescent says it is assisting with rescue efforts. The cruise ship is a British-owned vessel.