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world news

World news covers international events that affect people in countries other than their own. It includes news stories that occur in regions such as Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. World news also includes global economic and political affairs, the environment, international relations, wars and sports. World news is an important subfield of journalism, and there are many different types of reporters who cover it, including the foreign correspondent and the special envoy.

Thousands of Gaza residents face hunger as Israel continues to bombard their densely populated territory with air strikes. The enigmatic leader of Hamas’ military wing, Mohammed Deif, remains an elusive figure even as Israel targets his followers in retaliation for the terrorist group’s relentless attacks. The conflict between Israel and Palestinians — and other groups in the Middle East — goes back decades. These stories provide context for current developments and the history that led up to them.

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In the earliest days of modern journalism, the vast majority of news was foreign, as recorded by the courants of 17th-century Europe (Daily Courant, Nieuwe Tijudinger, Relation or Zeitung and Avisa Relation oder Zeitung). As innovations in telecommunications made it easier to publish foreign news quickly, newspapers began to specialize in foreign coverage and the first news agencies were founded, such as Reuters, AFP, AP and Wolff.