What Is World News?

World news is news that covers events outside of the country in which a person lives. In some English-speaking countries, the term world news is used to differentiate it from “national” or “local” news, which refers to events directly related to the political or economic activities of a particular nation, such as wars in which the country is involved or meetings of multilateral organizations in which the nation is a member. People who work in the field of world news are generally called correspondents. They may cover an entire region, a country or even a continent. Correspondents regularly file stories to their news editor, often gathering information from local officials, members of the community and other sources.

A massive storm pounded Britain, northern Germany and southern Scandinavia early Saturday, with floods, evacuations, power outages and travel disruptions. Joe Biden touched down in Tel Aviv ahead of a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu. Citibank has won an employment tribunal case brought by an analyst it sacked for claiming expenses for meals he shared with his partner. The remains of a girl were found after a police search in Colorado. And the United States is preparing for a possible conflict with North Korea over oil supplies.

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