What’s in the World News?

World news is a broad term that refers to international stories in the media. It includes global events such as armed conflict, political unrest and natural disasters, among other things. In terms of breaking news, this category can be further broken down into two main categories: foreign reporting and domestic reporting. Foreign reporting is a subfield of world news that covers any kind of reporting that happens outside of one’s home country, whereas domestic reporting is limited to the news happening in one’s own nation.

Throughout the year, world news was dominated by several catastrophic natural disasters. This included the fifth-deadliest earthquake of the century hitting Turkey and Syria, a massive storm that became the deadliest tropical cyclone in history striking southern Africa and killing thousands of people, and another powerful storm causing major flooding across the Philippines.

In the political realm, Russia continued to occupy eastern Ukraine and wage war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government and Hamas also extended a temporary hostage-for-prisoner swap in October and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict ended.

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