World News

World news is a general term in journalism for news from abroad or about a global subject. It can also include reports on international meetings or conferences, and can even refer to the work of a foreign correspondent. In most cases, world news is the specialty of a journalist working for a major newspaper, magazine or broadcaster; however, there are other types of reporters who may cover these subjects as well.

The world is a big place and events in one part of it can have an impact on people who live thousands of miles away. Regardless of the distance, we all care about how those events affect us and others. That’s why WORLD is dedicated to reporting the news from around the globe in ways that empower you to act on what you know.

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A landslide in eastern Congo leaves at least four dead and more than 20 missing, local authorities say. The Pope blasts the weapons industry as he makes his Christmas Day appeal for peace around the globe. Israel and Hamas give cool receptions to an Egyptian proposal for a truce in their bitter war. Liverpool soccer star Mohamed Salah says he “shares the pain” of families in Gaza as he tries to put aside fears for his safety at Christmas.