What Is World News?

world news

World news or international news is the news media jargon for news from abroad or about a global subject. This is distinct from local or national news, which focuses on events within a particular country. The term also refers to the branch of journalism involved in this, which is generally considered to be separate from other types of news (although some see it as a sub-field of journalism).

The first major news organizations to specialize in world reporting emerged in the 19th century with innovations in telecommunications, particularly the telegraph. These made it easier for foreign news to be transmitted and read across large distances, spurring the creation of the first news agencies, such as Reuters, AFP, Wolff (now DPA, Germany), and the AP (U.S). In addition, major newspapers such as the New York Times or The Washington Post also staffed reporters to cover world news.

A journalist based in a foreign city or region who regularly files stories to his or her news source is called a correspondent. A correspondent may be full-time or part-time and a permanent employee of one newspaper, or may produce news for several different publications at the same time. Reporters who work for news agencies but don’t have a contract with any single news organization are often referred to as stringers. They provide material, usually in bulk over electronic wire services that originated with telegraphy and now frequently use the Internet. These wire services are largely used to distribute hard news and feature articles to other news organizations, but corporations, individuals, analysts, and intelligence agencies may also subscribe.