What Is World News?

World news is the news media jargon for reports about countries and global subjects. It is also sometimes called foreign coverage or international news. Historically, there was a distinction between national and world news, but in the modern era of globalization that distinction has faded.

Several types of journalists produce world news. The full-time reporters are known as foreign correspondents, and their work usually involves a particular country or region. They report to a news editor and often have a variety of sources in the community, from local officials to members of the military. Depending on the organization, these reporters may be attached to one of several news agencies, like Reuters, AP and AFP (France, Germany and Switzerland).

Other journalists travel to cover world events. They are known as stringers and generally have no permanent contract with a news outlet. In some cases, stringers produce material for several different outlets at once. The bulk of the work produced by major news agencies consists of foreign news.

As an increasing number of people live outside their country of origin, world news is becoming increasingly important. These stories focus on the events and trends that affect multiple nations. From a photographer who documented a tense standoff with the Taliban to an activist fighting for the rights of displaced people in Syria, these profiles feature people shaping their communities—often with little recognition. These include a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a mayor hunted by Russians and a poet whose muses are cats.