What is World News?

World news, also known as international or foreign news, is the media jargon for news from abroad about a country or global subject. It is the subfield of journalism where the most important stories are reported from other countries. During the early 19th century, with newspapers already established in Europe and a few other countries, innovations in telecommunications like the telegraph made it easier to transmit news from abroad. The first news agencies were then founded, such as AFP (France), Reuters and Wolff (now DPA, Germany).

There are two main types of reporters who do world news: the foreign correspondent and the special envoy. A foreign correspondent is a full-time reporter, typically assigned to a particular city or region for their work. They file their stories to the news editor regularly, usually by phone or email. They stay in touch with the local community and gather material for their articles from government officials, members of the public and other journalists on the ground, as well as from events they witness directly.

A growing number of South Korea’s young adults are isolating themselves from society, raising concerns about the state of youths in a country known for cutthroat competition and pressure to conform. The conflict between Israel and Palestinians — and other groups in the Middle East — goes back decades. These stories give context for current developments and the history that led up to them.