World News

World news, also known as international or foreign coverage, is information about global issues, political events, and the daily lives of other people. It is the result of various media organizations’ coverage of events abroad. Some news agencies specialize in covering particular countries, while others report on a broad variety of topics. The United States is a prime example, with its many news organizations, including the BBC and the Financial Times. World news is also considered a part of the national agenda, as its government and institutions are covered.

World News Digest is a good source of primary sources for current events, and is the go-to resource for context and background information on the most important issues in the world. It has been around for over eighty years and continues to be an essential resource for background and context on issues of global concern. The World Editors Forum and Google News Initiative thank past principal sponsors for their financial and in-kind contributions. In addition to the World Editors Forum, the World News Digest is widely respected for providing a broader view of current events.

On Friday, Britain announced a deal with the country of Rwanda that will allegedly deter people-smugglers. However, it has been criticised for being inhumane. In the U.S., lawmakers visited Taiwan on Friday to declare their support for the democracy in that country and issue a warning to China. Meanwhile, North Korea marked a state anniversary by calling on its people to show stronger loyalty to leader Kim Jong Un. In the wake of heightened international tension, an expected military parade has been cancelled.