What is World News?

What is world news? Also known as international news or foreign coverage, world news is the latest news from somewhere other than the United States. These stories can be about a specific country, or a worldwide subject. The definition of world news is vast. It covers everything from war to natural disasters. But how do you determine if something is world news? Read on to learn how to identify the different types of world news. And don’t forget to subscribe to the various news services so you can keep abreast of what’s happening around the world.

World news has many forms, from breaking news to opinion pieces. While it is not considered a specialization, journalists in most countries practice world news. In the United States, the line between world news and “national news” is blurred, as “national news” covers events within the nation and its institutions. Other examples of national news include wars, multilateral meetings, and summits of international organizations. A journalist may also report on international events such as the UN General Assembly or the U.S. House of Representatives.

The US is due to convene a second “summit for democracy” in 2021. But the question of global democratic governance is already looming large in Africa. A recent coup in Sudan was tied to extreme poverty. In Ethiopia, the civil war threatens to break apart the country and Eritrea has increased its involvement. And in Somalia, a looming drought has left 7.7 million people in danger of starvation.