World News Day

world news

World news, also called international news, is news that originates from other countries. It may be about an individual country, or it may be about an issue that affects the world as a whole. World news may be produced by national or regional news organizations, or it may be produced by a global news network.

World news has a long history, going back to the invention of the telegraph, which helped spread news to distant places. The telegraph also led to the development of newspapers in many countries. In the 19th century, the telegraph became more widely available, and news agencies began to emerge. In the United States, for instance, the distinction between world news and “national news” is blurred. National news includes news about the government and institutions of a country, while world news encompasses other, less immediate events. For example, a war that involves the United States is considered national news, as is a summit of a multilateral organization.

World News Day organizers hope that 500 news outlets worldwide will take part in this global campaign. Regardless of the language spoken, the goal is to encourage people to read and watch fact-based news, and to support journalists who make a difference. It is a good way to demonstrate the importance of journalism.