Sport Score Validity in Shoulder Instability Patients

sport score

Using a sport score is an easy way to keep track of your own personal scores and stats. It is also great for parents, coaches, and school teachers. You can keep your scores and stats in real-time, and update them as you watch the game. It also lets you share your score with friends and family.

A sport score is a measure of relative performance in a game, measured on a scale of points. A team that scores the most points is the winner of the game. In some sports, the points are awarded based on a number of different factors. The points may be abstract quantities defined for the sport, such as distance or penalty time. For example, a goal in football is scored when the ball is placed in the opposing team’s net.

In this study, the validity of the SPORTS score, a self-assessment score, was assessed in shoulder instability patients. It was found to have good test-retest reliability and criterion validity. The SPORTS score was also correlated with the “lifestyle and social function” component of the WOSI score.

A cohort of 98 patients with shoulder instability underwent assessment with a sport score. The patients were contacted at least two weeks before their appointment. They were then given an envelope with the assessment instruments and asked to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire was completed twice.

A sport score has been shown to have good test-retest reliability in patients with ACL reconstruction. It was also shown to have good criterion validity in knee instability patients.