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Sports such as football, hockey, basketball, and cricket are played with a wide variety of scoring methods. These include time limits, duration, and judge’s scores. Each sport has a different set of rules and procedures.

There is considerable interest in quantitative analysis of individual sports, but questions remain about the degree to which outcomes can be predicted from within-game events. Few studies have examined patterns in games across sports.

There are a few common patterns that can be observed across sports. The most common outcome is c=1/2, which indicates that one team will win at least half the time.

Several types of scoring dynamics exist, including lead-size, probability of scoring, and game tempo. They each describe different aspects of the probabilities of scoring and the balance of the game.

Game tempo is the timing of scoring events. It is best described by a Poisson process. During the first few seconds of a scoring period, the rate is relatively constant. However, it starts to increase dramatically during the final few seconds. This increase is largely dispersive.

A generative model of gameplay is able to make accurate predictions of the results of a game. In a simple model, the model assumes that players do not know which team they will be on at the end of each event.