What Is World News?

world news

World news or international news is the branch of journalism that deals with events that occur beyond the boundaries of a single country. It includes the reporting of wars, politics, government, health, education, business, entertainment, sports and other topics of interest to a global audience.

The field has evolved over time and its coverage may be provided by local journalists as well as international agencies. In addition, it may be influenced by social and technological developments that increase the speed with which news can spread and also influence its content.

Hard news vs Soft news

In many newspapers and radio stations, news is broken down into smaller segments, so that busy readers can easily access the information they need without a long read. This format allows for efficient reporting, but can be problematic when a large story is being reported on.

News values

The news values in the field of journalism are professional norms and guide how news is presented and selected. They include stories that have a strong impact, incorporate violence and scandal, are familiar and local and are timely.

Models of news making

The models of news making define how different events are presented in the media and how they influence a reader’s perception of those events. These include the Professional Model, the Mirror Model and the Organizational Model.

These models are important for understanding how the news media works in a global environment and influence the way people consume information. They do not necessarily account for the content of print or online media, but they help to make sense of how a news story influences a reader’s opinion and reaction to that story.