What is World News?

world news

World news (also international news, foreign coverage or international journalism) is a branch of journalism that deals with reporting about global subjects. In this field, the main sources of information are usually reporters who work in foreign countries, news agencies that specialize in foreign reporting and journalists who regularly travel abroad to report on issues affecting foreign governments or regions.

The main focus of world news is to tell the story of events and issues affecting people all over the world, as well as those that affect the wider population. This can include news of wars, crises, sporting events and other interesting stories.

Typically, newspaper articles give as much information as they can at the time of publication. They may interview people who are directly involved in the case being covered or try to find background information that could be useful for readers.

There are two main types of reporters who do foreign reporting: full-time correspondents who are paid by a newspaper or news agency, and special envoys who are sent abroad to cover a particular subject temporarily.

Correspondents are based in foreign cities and file their stories regularly to the editors of the newspapers or news agencies they work for. They gather materials from local officials and the media in their country, as well as from events they witness themselves.

News agencies specialize in preparing hard news reports and feature articles that can be distributed to other newspapers, magazines and radio or television broadcasters. They often sell their articles in bulk electronically through wire services or through the Internet. Some corporations, individuals and intelligence agencies also subscribe to them.