World News – How it Affects You and Your Family

world news

World news (also referred to as international news or foreign coverage) is the term used for reporting on events occurring in other countries. It is a branch of journalism and may be used by newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasters.

Global issues that ripple through multiple nations include trade agreements, monetary policy, technology development and humanitarian crises. Understanding the broader impacts of such trends is important for understanding their impact on you and your family.

You can find reputable international news sources through subscription service providers in most major U.S. cities. These services provide access to the latest international news from top-tier newspapers and magazines.

The best world news publications focus on editorial content rather than breaking hard news stories. They also deliver nuanced interpretations of trending headlines.

Le Monde

Considered one of the world’s most accessible French newspapers, this English-language newspaper delivers broad, factual and nuanced perspectives on trending global topics like Brexit, GDPR, the Paris Climate Agreement and NATO. With a pool of writers worldwide, Le Monde prioritizes independence, objectivity and topicality.

Agence France Presse

The AFP, commonly known as AP, is one of the world’s largest news agencies. It provides bulk news articles to major media organizations, including newspapers and magazines, as well as radio and television broadcasters.


Founded in 1904, Reuters is the world’s oldest and most popular news agency. It prepares news articles and sells them to other news agencies around the world in the form of a wire service. Originally, Reuters relied on telegraphy to transmit news, but today it primarily uses the Internet.