World News

World news is a broad term for reporting on events and issues that affect the world. It encompasses a variety of topics, including international politics, global business, military matters, science, technology and environmental issues.

The field of journalism covers news that is sent to newspapers, radio and television broadcasters from foreign correspondents, news agencies or – more recently – gathered through distance communication technologies like the telephone or satellite TV. Typically, most of the world’s news agencies specialize in foreign reporting.

Some of the most famous world-news outlets include Agence France Presse (AFP) in Paris, Reuters in London and Wolff in Germany. Associated Press (AP) in the United States also provides international coverage.

Special envoys and foreign correspondents cover global news for media companies abroad. The former are full-time reporters employed by a news agency or other organization, while the latter are journalists sent abroad on short-term assignments.

They gather materials by contacting officials, diplomats and other key sources and may report from the ground in the country of interest. They often travel extensively and remain in touch with the local community to obtain information on local events or political trends.

AP Photo Collections

Associated Press photographers are among the most skilled and respected in the world, providing compelling photographs of all kinds of subjects. From wars and religious festivals to economic disasters and natural disasters, AP photographers have been there in the face of danger and death.

The AP’s international news photographers are some of the most experienced and professional in the industry, working to ensure that stories reach their audience worldwide in the most timely manner possible. Whether covering major news events or important moments in history that are usually overlooked, the AP’s photographers offer a more balanced view of the world.