World News – The Branch of Journalism That Deals With News About the World

World news is the branch of journalism that deals with news about an entire country, a region, or even the world as a whole. This can be news that is sent by correspondents or news agencies, or – more recently – gathered or researched through distance communication technologies like the internet.

The world has never been more interconnected than it is today, and news about the world plays an important role in shaping how our societies and governments operate. But news from foreign countries can be hard to find, and often, local media are too focused on their own affairs to report on issues that might interest the rest of the world.

Generally speaking, there are two types of reporters who cover foreign events: full-time (or permanent) foreign correspondents employed by news organizations and special envoys sent abroad to cover a specific subject on a temporary basis. Correspondents usually stay in touch with their local sources and maintain contacts with other journalists to gather information about events that are happening on the ground, as well as to identify strategic sources in the government or among diplomats and members of the military.

War coverage is a major subfield of world news, and is often a major part of national reporting for the media of belligerent nations. This is especially true in the modern age of international conflict, when wars are fought not only by belligerent nations but also by states that have allied with them.