What Is World News?

world news

World news is the term used to describe the international news that is covered by a newspaper or broadcaster. This includes all events affecting the lives of people in countries other than those where the news originates. It is also sometimes known as foreign news.

The distinction between world news and national news, which is news relating to the affairs of a specific country, is largely a matter of convention. In the early days of modern journalism, most news was considered to be world news, although there was often a blurred line between it and domestic news, particularly in newspapers that were printed in 17th century Europe when nation-states were still being established.

A journalist based in a country or region that regularly files stories for a newspaper is a foreign correspondent. These reporters may be full-time staff or freelancers who produce material for several different publications at the same time. They usually stay in contact with local officials, members of the public and the local media in order to gather information about the events they are covering.

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